Sea Lion Lost in Oregon's Lincoln City Guided Back to Water by Rescuers

A sea lion named Tiffany was guided back to water by rescue crews after being spotted near a highway in Oregon, police said on Saturday, November 27.

Oregon State Police (OSP) said on their official Twitter and Facebook accounts that multiple rescue crews worked together to guide the sea lion back to water.

According to the posts, an OSP officer responded to an assistance call from the Lincoln City Police Department on Friday evening after they received reports of a sea lion near US Highway 101.

At the scene, officers tried to bait Tiffany using fish bought from a local store in an effort to lure her back to the water, but Tiffany was “unwilling” to follow, OSP said. They then used sheets of plywood to direct her toward Schooner Creek, the nearest body of water, approximately two blocks away, police said.

Tiffany was successfully guided to an embankment leading to the creek, where she waited for the tide to come in before making her way back into the ocean, police said.

OSP said on Facebook that a small crowd had gathered to watch the operation and some chanted “Way to go, Tiffany” as the sea lion blew bubbles in the creek’s waters.

On Facebook, Lincoln City Police Department praised the rescue team involved and thanked citizens for “keeping their distance despite wanting to be involved in such a unique situation.” Credit: Oregon State Police via Storyful

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