Satellite Imagery Shows Lines of Trucks Delivering Aid to Gaza

Newly released satellite imagery released by Maxar Technologies, shows long lines of aid trucks pouring into Gaza from Egypt, on November 26.

These photos show new efforts to bring in food and supplies into Gaza, as the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas continues.

Maxar Technologies told Storyful the images focus on a number of areas of interest including, “humanitarian aid trucks approaching the Egyptian border with Gaza, crowds of people gathered near gas and propane storage stations, people walking along the Salah al Din road in Gaza” as well as several key hospitals in Gaza City and additional aid supplies for Gaza being brought into El Arish airport in Egypt.

The Qatari government said on November 27 that an agreement had been reached to extend the ceasefire for an additional two days. Credit: ©2023 Maxar Technologies via Storyful

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