Sandstorm Reduces Visibility in Israel Amid Severe Weather Warnings

A sandstorm swept through parts of Israel as the country’s weather service warned of severe thunderstorms and reduced visibility on Thursday, December 12.

Local media said strong winds — reaching about 62 mph — sent a tent flying into several soldiers at a military base in southern Israel. Citing an Israel Defense Forces spokesman, local media said one injured soldier was taken to the hospital and others were being treated at the base.

This video, taken by Eyal Barshad, shows a dusty orange hue blocking out the sun near Nitzana at the Egypt-Israel border.

Barshad told Storyful a cloud “suddenly” appeared in the distance during a seemingly calm day. He said he thought it was an incoming rain cloud, but quickly realized it was a sandstorm approaching.

Severe weather temporarily closed Ben Gurion Airport and grounded an incoming flight, Israeli reports said. Strong wind also downed trees across the country. Credit: Eyal Barshad via Storyful