Retirement Village Residents Hold Social Distancing Street Party Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Residents of the Forsyth Gardens retirement village in Menora, Western Australia, did not let the coronavirus pandemic stop them from holding a street party on March 27.

Residents gathered on their lawns, while observing social distancing rules, to have a chat and a drink after the village community hall was temporarily shut due to the COVID-19 outbreak, according to resident Susan Moss.

Moss — who filmed the event — said: “The party as so successful, we are going to keep it going every Friday night whilst the weather is good.”

“With so many singles in the village, ages ranging from 73 to 97, it is giving them support during this difficult time, when we at our ages are requested to stay home,” Moss said, adding, “they don’t feel so alone being able to join together in this fun way.” Credit: Susan Moss via Storyful