'It's Really Pretty': Thin Veil of Snow Blows Across Colorado Roadway

Gusty winds blew thin wisps of snow across the roads of Colorado Springs in Colorado on February 25.

Jason Livingston recorded the moment the veil of snow was carried across the the intersection of Research Pkwy and Austin Bluffs Pkwy on the wind. This video shows the snow gliding across the road surface.

A snow squall warning had been issued for the area near Colorado Springs on February 25. The National Weather Service told motorists to look out for potential white-out conditions.

“It was really cold, and the snow was blowing all over the streets,” Livingston told Storyful. “I commented to my wife that it was really pretty.”

“Winter can be long here in Colorado Springs but the beauty helps a lot!” Credit: Jason Livingston via Storyful