Rare Albino Hummingbird Visits Alabama Backyard

A white hummingbird that might be a rare albino was spotted by Deborah Aldridge outside her Cordova, Alabama, home on August 9. Aldridge captured this video of the bird as it fed from her feeders filled with sugar water.

Aldridge told Storyful that she’d first noticed the bird from inside the house on the day before she filmed this video. The next day she sat out on her steps to wait for it, “hoping he would come back.” She said, “thankfully he did, and I put it on video. He came back for four days, [and I’m] still hoping he will show up again.”

Aldridge told Storyful she believed the bird was an albino hummingbird as “it had the pink eyes and feet.” Though rare, pure white albino hummingbirds have been seen before in the Southern states; some recent sightings have been tracked on this website.

Leucistic hummingbirds, which have white, tan, or gray feathers and black eyes, bills, and feet, are somewhat rare, but not as rare as the true albino hummingbird, according to the website Hummingbird Guide. Credit: Deborah Aldridge via Storyful