Quick-Thinking Minnesota Deputy Races to Deal With Vehicle Fire

When a vehicle fire was reported in Chisago County, Minnesota, on September 5, the first responder on the scene was not a firefighter, but a very able sheriff’s deputy, bodycam footage shows.

Deputy Finnegan – who was teased by the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office for listening to classical music in this newly released footage – is seen racing to the fire as he asks the resident if he has a tow strap. The deputy then empties an extinguisher on the flames, but the fire burns on.

Finnegan then takes the tow strap and hooks it to the rear bumper of the vehicle, and hastily tows it away from the house so the home doesn’t catch on fire.

Underneath the dramatic video of Deputy Finnegan in action, Facebook user Andy Marabella commented, “I would think having classical music probably eases the stress of the job a little.” Credit: Chisago County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

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