Pygmy Hippo Celebrates Birthday With Cake and Playtime at Adelaide Zoo

Obi the pygmy hippo celebrated his fifth birthday with a nutritious cake and a splash in the pool at Adelaide Zoo in South Australia on May 25.

This video shows the hippo munching on his cake and playing with colorful enrichment balls in the pool. Keepers gathered around Obi’s enclosure to celebrate with him.

“Obi had a birthday cake made of lucerne and meadow hay with a mashed pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato frozen and decorated with his favourite Mirror bush browse, parsley and five carrots as candles,” keeper Jade Koek said.

Obi retired to his den for a nap after his birthday treat, but Koek said keepers planned to bring out a water hose for him to play with later. Credit: Zoos South Australia via Storyful