Protest Held Outside Wisconsin Department of Health as Democratic Primary Voting Goes Ahead

Protesters gathered as part of a “drive-by caravan” in Madison, Wisconsin, on April 7, calling for the state’s Department of Health to delay primary election voting amid the coronavirus pandemic, local media reported.

The protesters wanted the Department of Heath to issue a health order and delay voting. This came after Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers issued an executive order to delay the election until June, but the state Supreme Court blocked it.

The US Supreme Court also reversed a lower court ruling that had given voters six additional days to return absentee ballots, ruling that only those postmarked by Tuesday and arriving by April 13 should be counted.

Voters seeking to cast their ballot on April 7 waited in long lines outside polling stations, many wearing face masks and standing feet apart from each other.

In this video, cars lined up outside the Department of Health in Madison, Wisconsin, can be seen honking their horns as part of the protest. Credit: Voces de la Frontera via Storyful