Procession Honoring Fallen 26-Year-Old Officer Winds Through Arizona Mountains

A 26-year-old White Mountain Apache police officer shot and killed in the line of duty was honored with a lengthy escort of police and fire officials as his body was taken to a mortuary in Taylor, Arizona, on Tuesday, February 18, local media said.

Sheriff’s department officers and tribal council members from several jurisdictions also honored fallen White Mountain Apache Officer David Kellywood. He was shot while responding to a report of shots fired at the roadside between an RV park and a casino hotel near Pinetop-Lakeside early Monday morning, according to local media.

Kellywood had been on the White Mountain Apache Tribe’s police force for less than a year when he was killed, according to local reports. Reports said he left behind a wife and two young children.

Video shared by councilman Jerold Altaha of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation shows the procession winding along Highway 60 in San Carlos, heading for Tucson. His photos show dozens of local law enforcement agents and fire officials standing at attention along the side of the road, saluting the procession as it passed. Credit: Jerold Altaha via Storyful