Police Seek Information After Man Shot and Killed at San Antonio Warehouse

Police in San Antonio, Texas, are seeking information about two suspected shooters after a man was killed outside a warehouse off the Interstate 410 on Thursday, February 29.

Footage released by San Antonio Police Department shows the apparent murder of a man near the entrance to his workplace, police said.

The victim can be seen exiting the building and being approached by two men, described as Black by police.

The victim was grabbed and held by one suspect and both discharged their handguns towards the victim, who fell to the ground.

Glock switches in small plastic baggies and shell casings were found near the victim’s body.

A black Hyundai Sonata missing a bumper was used as a getaway vehicle, police said.

Members of the public with information about the suspects or the driver are asked to contact the SAPD Homicide unit at 210-207-7635 citing case number SAPD24046011. Credit: San Antonio Police Department via Storyful

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