Police and Bystanders Lift Flipped Car Off Trapped Teenage Driver

Police officers and bystanders lifted an overturned car and rescued the 19-year-old driver trapped inside in Lawrenceville, Georgia, on September 13, according to the Lawrenceville Police Department.

Police said Sgt Michael Peterson spotted a speeding motorist and made pursuit; shortly afterwards, he came across an overturned car and realized it was the same vehicle.

Peterson noticed the driver had been “partially ejected through the sunroof with his upper body and head squeezed in between the vehicle and the roadway,” police said.

“He can’t breathe, we’ve got to lift this car up right now,” Peterson is heard saying in the footage.

This footage shows the car being lifted with the help of “several good Samaritans.”

The Lawrenceville Police Department said the driver was hospitalized with several injuries. Credit: Lawrenceville Police Department via Storyful

Video transcript


- Sir, please help us out. Please help us.

- Yep. Get on out. Get on out. Go sit over there by the curb. He's in the passenger seat.

- Who's still in there?

- He's in the passenger--

- Go sit. Go sit. --he's in the driver's seat.

- Go sit.

- We got three white males coming out.


- Oh, my God.

- All right, have a seat, guys.

- Help him out, help him out. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

- Hey, man, stop moving, stop moving. We're trying to get-- can you breathe? Can you-- you can't breathe. Yo, yo.

- Do you need help?

- This guy--

- You, me-- he can't breathe. You and me are gonna lift this car up right now.

- Yes. Help, help.

- Someone get in there and pull him out when we lift it up.

- Help him. 1, 2, 3, push.



- Can you slide out? Slide out.

- Come on. [INAUDIBLE]. Come on, gang.

- [INAUDIBLE]. All right, he's out, he's out, he's out.

- Keep moving your arm, move your arm, move your arm!

- Hey, man, stay down.

- Come on, man.

- Hold it up.

- Come on.

- He's out.

- He's out?

- He's out.

- Move your knee! Move your knee!


- Good job, y'all.

- Hey man, stay there.

- Just lay there, all right? We got an ambulance--