Pickup Skids Off Iowa Interstate, Almost Hits Trooper and Truck Driver

An Iowa State Trooper and others were lucky to escape injury when a pickup truck lost control in snowy conditions on I-80 and slid off the road, slamming into the front of a delivery truck that the trooper was looking at alongside its driver.

Dashcam footage captured from the delivery truck on Friday, January 17, shows the pickup skid off the roadway at speed, churning up snow and almost hitting both the Iowa State Patrol trooper and the truck’s driver, who were outside the front of the truck.

Iowa State Patrol said neither the delivery truck driver, the trooper, nor the occupants of the pickup truck were seriously injured.

Speaking to Storyful, an Iowa State Patrol spokesman said they were seeing crashes across the state, and were urging people to stay off the roads until Sunday. Credit: Iowa State Patrol via Storyful