Oregon Golden Retriever Cools Off by Drenching Herself in Mud

In the proverbial dog days of June 2019, a golden retriever in Hillsboro, Oregon, took matters into her own paws when she saw a chance to cool off at the dog park, full on wallowing and wriggling in the mud until every furry inch of her was covered.

Ashley Rangel captured footage of the hilariously dirty pooch at the Hondo Dog Park in Hillsboro on June 19 of last year.

Rangel told Storyful the sight was especially striking because there’s normally not any mud at the park.

“The person that opened it up didn’t get the memo that they were supposed to keep it closed that day,” she said. “The parks staff came into the park right after I filmed this and kicked us all out.”

Rangel said her own dog does not necessarily enjoy mud the same way this golden retriever does.

“My dog, Piper, wouldn’t stop barking at the muddy dog, like, ‘What are you doing! You’re going to get in so much trouble!’” she told Storyful.

Rangel can be heard asking the dog’s owner what color the pooch was before, to which he replies, “She’s a golden … she was.”

Rangel said she and those around her were wondering the same thing: “How the heck is he going to get that dog home?” she said. “But at least it is having fun!” Credit: Ashley Rangel via Storyful