National Guard Patrols Minneapolis Streets as Protesters Targeted With Tear Gas

More than 4,000 National Guard troops were reportedly deployed to the Twin Cities, Minneapolis-St Paul, on May 30 after several nights of violent protests and looting following the death of George Floyd.

An 8 pm curfew was introduced in an attempt to curb the unrest, which was sparked by Floyd’s officer-involved death on Monday, May 25. The Minneapolis Police Department’s Third Precinct building was abandoned and burned during demonstrations on Thursday, while several businesses were ransacked.

According to local news reports, crowds of people remained in the streets of Minneapolis after the curfew on Saturday but they began to disperse after officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets.

These videos, filmed by Nicola Imfeld, show a convoy of police and National Guard vehicles travelling through the city streets. A second video shows tear gas being used near a group of activists. Credit: Nicola Imfeld/BLICK via Storyful