Moose Takes a Dip in Ottawa Backyard Pool

An Ottawa couple were shocked to find a moose taking a dip in their backyard pool on May 29.

Paul M Koch captured footage of the moose as it paddled around the family pool. Speaking to Storyful, he said that while grabbing his breakfast, he looked up and saw the moose “splashing around in the deep end trying unsuccessfully to get out.”

He said that he and his wife were “very concerned,” and called 911. “Before we know it we had the police, the TV networks, etc. on site. Fortunately, after about four hours the moose finally climbed out, ran across the yard and over a 5.5-foot fence, through my neighbor’s yard and over his fence.”

He continued: “The National Capital Commission were here and planning to tranquilize her once she got out of the pool but all is well that ends well as she got out on her own, and then the police said she crossed the very busy nearby road and headed down a major thoroughfare to the woods where she belongs.”

A CTV report noted that the moose “punched a serious hole in the Kochs’ pool lining,” but such was the pure wonder of the event that it still ranked as “a highlight of their 40 years as homeowners.” Credit: Paul M Koch via Storyful