Maryland Parents Up Their April Fools' Game for Kids on COVID-19 Lockdown

Two young kids were pranked multiple times by their parents on April Fools’ Day in Rockville, Maryland.

Joseph Vivens uploaded a video on April 1 to his Twitter page, showing him giving two drinking cups to his kids, Ben and Evie. When the children lift their cups to try to drink, Vivens and his wife shout, “April Fools!” – the cups contained Jell-O rather than juice.

“I knew it was Jell-O,” Evie, age four, says in the video. “I was about to drink it, but it didn’t come out.”

Vivens told Storyful that Ben, age eight, told him the night before that he couldn’t wait to see what was coming for April Fools’ Day. So Vivens and his wife tried out multiple pranks on their kids, he said.

Earlier in the day they put green food coloring in the children’s milk.

COVID-19 is going to be a part of the tapestry that makes up their childhood experience. Sadly, it’s a new normal,” Vivens told Storyful. Credit: Joseph Vivens via Storyful