Man Paddles Kayak Through Flooded Soccer Field in Manchester

A kayaker from the Manchester suburb of Chorlton took advantage of inclement weather on January 21 to take his vessel out for a paddle at the local sports fields.

In footage captured by Iain Henshaw, a local resident Henshaw says is named Roger can be seen using the flooded football pitch at the Turn Moss facility for his own purposes.

Speaking to Storyful, Henshaw said, "We’ve had two days of torrential rain and the river levels last night were close to bursting the banks and flooding the area.

“People who have lived here for 30-plus years have told me they’ve never seen the river run so high,” Henshaw added.

Local media said thousands of people had to be evacuated from their homes in the area after Storm Christoph caused significant flooding.

“I took a walk this morning to see if the levels had subsided and whilst crossing the Turn Moss playing fields I spotted someone canoeing across what was a football pitch,” Henshaw said. Credit: Iain Henshaw via Storyful