Man With Chainsaw, Described as Looter by Eyewitness, Captured on Camera at Minneapolis Protests

A man with a chainsaw, described as a looter by eyewitness Andrew Neale, was spotted at the scene of the George Floyd protests and subsequent looting in Minneapolis on Wednesday evening, May 27.

In this video, Neale appeals to the man to stop his activities. “You gotta stop what you’re doing,” Neale says. “This is about a man’s life. This is not about property.”

Neale continued to broadcast from the scene, capturing looters entering an auto-parts store and exiting with goods. “You’re taking advantage of this,” Neale says to looters.

Shortly afterward, Neale concludes broadcasting. “I can’t be a part of this no more,” Neale says in the video. “Some people are taking advantage of the situation. They are not part of the original group.”

Looting was reported at a number of businesses in downtown Minneapolis on the night of the May 27 protests, with a Target store on Lake Street, a nearby liquor store, and an AutoZone all targeted, according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Credit: Andrew Neale via Storyful