Man Arrested After Spraying Anti-Trump Protesters With Bear Repellent

The Santa Monica Police Department arrested a man wearing a Make America Great Again hat for prohibited use of a tear gas weapon after he sprayed a crowd of anti–Donald Trump protesters with bear repellent in Santa Monica, California, on October 19.

Lieutenant Candice Cobarrubias confirmed the arrest of David Dempsey, 32, of Orange County, to the Santa Monica Daily Press, adding that he was also charged with assault with a caustic chemical.

The incident occurred on Saturday afternoon on the Santa Monica Pier, where supporters and protesters of President Trump clashed.

“Protesters from both groups dispersed after the incident but were monitored by officers in the event another escalation started,” Lt Cobarrubias said.

Footage of the incident and its aftermath was captured by Sherman Oaks resident Jon Hotchkiss. The footage shows the man police identified as Dempsey wearing gloves and spraying the crowd following a brief physical altercation.

Dempsey is then ushered away by another man before someone else points the police toward the pair.

Two police officers corner Dempsey and another man. Dempsey denies spraying the crowd and calls the anti-Trump protesters “libtards” and “commies.”

Dempsey is then arrested, at which point Hotchkiss focuses his camera on a can of bear repellent that had been thrown to the ground before showing people who had been sprayed by the chemical. Credit: via Storyful