'Leaning Tower of Dallas' Remains After Demolition Gone Wrong in Texas

The controlled implosion of an 11-story commercial building didn’t go according to plan in Dallas, Texas, on February 16, and the remains of the structure have become known as the ‘Leaning Tower of Dallas.’

The former Affiliated Computer Services building was supposed to come down in one managed demolition, yet the inner core of the structure, including the elevator shaft, failed to fall, according to reports, and remained standing as of February 18.

Locals have flocked to the ‘leaning tower’ to take whimsical photos similar to those taken at Italy’s famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The video shows the failed implosion and captures the reaction of onlookers as they first gasp at the destruction before realizing the demolition did not go according to plan.

Lloyd Nabors, who runs the company that managed the demolition, told the Dallas Morning News that partial implosions are fairly common. “These cores can be really tough,” he said. “We did a lot of work to prep for it, but unfortunately it didn’t come over.” Credit: @JordanLHankins via Storyful