Lake-Effect Snow Accumulates in Western New York

The National Weather Service (NWS) said lake-effect snow impacted western New York overnight and left inches of powder piled up in some areas on Wednesday, November 13.

This video shows snow falling and blanketing outdoor furniture in Macedon, a town near Rochester.

The NWS of Buffalo reported 4.4 inches of snowfall in Macedon by 6.30 am on Wednesday.

Residents in western New York were also enduring a range of freezing temperatures on Wednesday, with the NWS recording -1 F in Watertown and 24 F in Dunkirk.

Several cities in New York State also broke daily low temperature records the day before, the weather service said. On Tuesday, Buffalo’s temperature plummeted to 16 F, shattering the previous record of 22 F, set in 1921; Watertown was 8 F, breaking the past record of 15 F, set in 1997; and Rochester was also 16 F, beating out the earlier record of 21 F, set in 1983, according to the NWS. Credit: Jon Hickey via Storyful