BASE Jumper Makes Daring Yosemite Leap

A pair of BASE jumpers made a daring dive in Yosemite National Park on September 10. California photographer Chris Fabregas caught sight of one of the jumping duo making a dramatic descent from Glacier Point.

Footage shot by Fabregas doesn’t show where the jumper lands. He told Storyful that at 7.30 am on the morning in question, “a man and a friend jumped off this 7,000-foot ledge at Glacier Point. I was able to film the second man jumping off the cliff wearing a wingsuit.”

Fabregas added, “I talked with a park ranger and they said this is illegal and they have only seen it in videos.” It was, he said, “pretty amazing to see.”

Two rock climbers died while BASE jumping at Yosemite in 2015. BASE is an acronym for building, antenna, span (such as a bridge), and earth. Credit: Chris Fabregas via Storyful