Japanese Rugby Fan Amuses Samoa Supporters by Belting Out National Anthem

A Japanese rugby fan entertained the supporters of opposing team Samoa when he sang the Samoan national anthem prior to a meeting between the two nations at the 2019 Rugby World Cup on October 5.

Footage captured by Samoan rugby supporter Sandy Vanessa Toiu shows the man (who is wearing a Samoa jersey) vigorously singing the anthem’s lyrics from a page before the game at Toyota Stadium in Japan’s Aichi prefecture.

Posting the video to Instagram, Toiu wrote, “He’s Japanese wearing a Manu Samoa jersey singing our national anthem at the game against his homeland, NOTHING beats this at all.”

The game finished with a Japanese victory, as the host nation scored 38 points to Samoa’s 19.

Toiu, who lives in Auckland, New Zealand, told Storyful “The Japanese fans were sitting with the Manu Samoa supporters and were cheering on Samoa throughout the whole game. They even joined in when we sang songs and did our Samoan cheers. It was so awesome of them to do it and it’s definitely been the highlight of this trip.”

She added, “We love it here in Japan, the people are so lovely, so helpful and respectful and I love their culture and traditions.” Credit: Sandy Vanessa Toiu via Storyful