'I've Waited My Whole Life': Couple Spots Large Funnel Cloud Spinning Towards Home in Arkansas

A mother in Arkansas was overly excited while watching a massive funnel cloud spinning towards her home in Heber Springs, Arkansas, on September 1.

Kristin Searle filmed the storm cloud to show her kids after she received a tornado watch alert on her phone. In this video Searle and her husband were left stunned by the swirling cloud. “I’ve waited my whole life. It’s coming pretty fast,” Searle can be heard saying in the video.

“With the naked eye we could see a lot of debris in the tornado,” Searle told Storyful. Searle added that the weather event damaged the house of an elderly couple who lived nearby. Searle said she and her husband drove to the house to assist.

“Luckily the elderly couple was safe but the damage was extensive,” Searle said. Credit: Kristin Searle via Storyful

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