Huskies Bound Through Deep Snow as Blizzard Hits Tahoe

A pair of Siberian huskies bounded through thick snow as a winter storm brought blizzard conditions to South Lake Tahoe, California, on Saturday, March 2.

Tahoe based photographer David N. Braun recorded this footage of his two huskies, Echo and Yuba, enjoying the snow on Saturday.

“Echo, black and white, will create her own path and power through almost any amount of snow but at 12, Yuba — grey and white — will always wait for us to go first,” Braun told Storyful.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning on Sunday, March 3, writing that blizzard conditions have “mostly diminished, but heavy snow continues across the area.”

The weather service warned of additional snow accumulations between 8-14 inches, and wind gusts up to 120mph. Credit: David N Braun via Storyful

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