Hungry Alligator Tries to Snap up 'Turtle' on Front Porch of Florida Home

A hungry alligator on the hunt for an early morning breakfast paid a visit to a home porch in Venice, Florida, where it tried to snap up a wall-mounted metal plaque of three sea turtles.

In Ring camera footage shared by local man Crawford B. Lewis, the rowdy reptile was seen clambering onto a bench before trying several times to gobble up the turtles seen in the plaque. However, after multiple failed attempts, the alligator left after sending a plant pot crashing onto the deck.

Lewis, who was alerted by the Ring phone app that “someone” was at his front door, was astonished to see the creature on the porch when he viewed the video.

“I’m glad I did not get up at 5.30 am and open my front door,” he told Storyful. Credit: Crawford B. Lewis via Storyful