'Hundreds' of NHS Workers Wait in Line for Drive-Thru Coronavirus Test in London

Long lines of cars were seen in London on April 1 as workers with the National Health Service waited to be tested for COVID-19 at a makeshift testing facility in an IKEA parking lot.

The center was set up to test NHS workers currently isolating at home, according to London’s Evening Standard.

Local media reported that a spokesperson for IKEA said: “Today, a drive-through NHS Covid-19 test center has opened in the car park of our Wembley store. We are incredibly proud that we are able to support the government and the NHS in this small way, and are working with them to identify any additional sites that could also support the national effort.”

Journalist David Brown uploaded this footage of the test site on April 1, writing on Twitter that there were “hundreds” of cars waiting for the test, and that only about six cars had been admitted in the first hour.

As of April 1, 29,474 people in the UK had tested positive for the coronavirus, according to the Department of Health and Social Care; 2,352 had died of COVID-19. Credit: David Brown via Storyful