Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital Demonstrates How to Make Your Own Face Mask From Paper and Tape

The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital has released a video demonstrating how people can construct their own protective face masks from easy-to-find materials including tissue paper and tape.

This footage, released on February 14, according to the South China Morning Post, shows a do-it-yourself option that was devised to lessen the extreme shortage of face masks in Hong Kong due to coronavirus fears. It involves creating a substitute mask out of multiple pieces of tissue paper and using wire and rubber bands to attach it to one’s ears. A protective shield to cover the face can also be created from a plastic file folder.

The video emphasizes that these homemade creations are only a temporary substitute measure, and can never replace the full protection offered by actual masks.

Online scammers in Hong Kong taking orders for face masks, then vanishing, have conned locals out of more than 1 million HKD (129 million USD), the Post reported. Credit: The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital via Storyful