'Hitler Was a Great Christian': Protesters and Counter-Protesters Face Off in Minden, Nevada

Protesters and counter-protesters exchanged tense words outside the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Minden, Nevada, on August 8.

Local media reported that the demonstration began as a rally in support of Douglas County Sheriff Dan Coverley but a small group of counter-protesters also attended.

The sheriff had attracted controversy for suggesting his office wouldn’t respond to 911 calls from Douglas County Public Library after the library considered issuing a statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, according to reports.

In these videos, one man can be heard saying to counter-protesters: “Hitler was a great Christian man.” At another point, a man can be heard telling the group to “take George Soros’s money and leave.”

Several heavily armed men can be seen circulating among the crowd. Credit: Gerardo Evangelista via Storyful