Emu Herd Stops Traffic While Crossing Road in Western Australia

Alexandra Grubbs and her partner were on their way to Francois Peron National Park in Western Australia when they encountered an extraordinary roadblock: a herd of emus.

Grubbs recorded as the herd crossed the road in front of them, and can be heard saying, “Come on class, hurry along,” as she films, joking that the animals look like a group of students on a school field trip.

Emus usually travel in pairs or with family, and fathers are responsible for teaching the chicks how to find food and fend off predators, which is why Grubbs and her partner can be heard discussing whether all the emus are from one family.

“There were so many. I never counted, but I would guess between 30 and 40,” Grubbs told Storyful, “so that must be one busy papa!” Credit: Alexandra Grubbs via Storyful