Heavy Rain Triggers Flash Flooding in Kauai

Severe storms brought flash flooding to parts of Hawaii overnight into Friday, April 12, causing landslides and leaving people stranded, local media reported.

Footage filmed by Fern Anuenue Holland shows partially submerged cars and roads on the island of Kauai early Friday morning.

A flash flood warning was issued for the region until Friday afternoon local time. Credit: Fern Anuenue Holland via Storyful

Video transcript

- Everything is flooded down here, my God. The entire Coconut Grove is under water up to the fence line. You can see where everything's washed across the road. Pomona is underwater. The oil is flowing through down. Oh, Gosh.

All of this is completely under. I'm not sure if the bridge is damaged, but the road is closed. There's all kinds of debris in the road. Giant tires. Coconuts.

You can tell the entire road over-- here with water.

Something's going on. I've heard that the crane may have fallen on the bridge. And we're not even through this yet, guys.