Hamas Militants Take Hostages and Pet Dog in Footage From October 7 Attack

Newly released CCTV footage shows Hamas militants taking two females and a pet dog captive in Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak, Israel, on October 7.

The footage, released by South First Responders, a group of emergency personnel, shows Hamas militants transporting 17-year-old Mia Leimberg, her mother, and her shih tzu, Bella, in the back of a pickup truck.

Leimberg, her mother, and Bella were among the hostages released on November 28 as part of a temporary ceasefire agreement.

Footage released by Hamas’s al-Qassam Brigades on November 28 showed militants escorting Leimberg, who was seen holding Bella, over to Red Cross workers in Gaza.

Leimberg credited Bella with providing “moral support” during the weeks she spent in captivity, according to the Times of Israel. Credit: South First Responders via Storyful

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