Girl Slaps Friend in Face With Slice of Pizza

Good friends Annie and Alexis were enjoying a classic sleepover with their pals when things took an interesting turn, as shown in a video posted to Twitter on February 9.

The video begins with Alexis and Annie in Alexis’s garage, playing around and listening to music. Moments later, Annie jokingly approached Alexis, who was holding a slice of pizza, from behind, and before she knew it, Annie had been slapped in the face by said pizza.

Luckily, pal Nisa Rueda was recording the girls as they were horsing around, and she captured the magic moment on camera.

“It was around 2 am and we were hanging out in Alexis’s garage, and she was getting a bit sleepy, so Annie started to mess around with her. Hence the video I gladly caught,” Rueda told Storyful. Credit: Nisa Rueda via Storyful