Giraffe at Zoo in South Australia Celebrates First Birthday

Keepers and visitors celebrated a giraffe calf’s first birthday at the Adelaide Zoo in South Australia on October 21, serenading the young animal and watching her munch on grass.

Nolean the giraffe was treated to enrichment and decorations to mark the day, including an ice block and a colorful birthday box filled with Lucerne grass and giraffe pellets, keeper Kat Moore said.

Visitors marking the occasion indulged in Lamington cakes and a special talk about Nolean and the zoo’s older resident giraffe, Kimya.

When Nolean arrived at the zoo from Monarto Safari Park earlier this year, she often required round-the-clock care, and was hand-raised by a team of keepers and vets.

“She is very bonded to her keepers and we feel the same. Nolean is playful, cheeky, and very curious – much like your typical one-year-old!” Moore said. Credit: Adelaide Zoo via Storyful