Frosted Donuts: New Yorker Takes Snowplow for a Spin

A snowboard instructor from New York took a different approach to carving up in fresh snow on December 1 as a winter storm hit his hometown of Ellenville.

The storm brought the eighth biggest snowfall ever recorded in Albany, according to the National Weather Service; 90 miles southwest, Matthew Hickerson was enjoying the weather by taking a snowplow for a spin, as he helped clear roads.

“This was the first snowstorm of the winter season for us,” Hickerson told Storyful. “We ended the storm with about 14 inches of snow.” Thankfully, he has access to the snowplow, which helped move the snow “from the driveway and the neighbor’s driveway.”

Hickerson continued, “After finishing the third round of plowing for the storm, it was time to have a little fun, so of course I had to do a couple of celebratory donuts!” Credit: Matthew Hickerson via Storyful