Friends Film Pal Who Went Shopping With Lit Cigarette Behind His Ear

Virginia man Logan Fisher caught the moment a friend of his inadvertently went shopping with a lit cigarette behind his ear, sharing the moment on his TikTok account on December 10.

Fisher, from Wytheville, told Storyful he caught the moment on camera while he and friends were at a store about an hour away from home, in Blacksburg.

Fisher said the incident took place late in 2018, and happened when “me and my two other buddies wanted to go get some food, and the one with the cigarette in his ear totally forgot about it burning and thought he put it out.”

He continued, “I was lucky enough to get the whole thing recorded because who wouldn’t record that? It was too funny.” The friend, named as Blaine by Fisher, “finally realized after the video ended that it was burning.”

The video had over 23,000 likes on TikTok at the time of writing. Credit: Logan Fisher via Storyful