Fallen Trees Litter Residential Street in Dallas Tornado Aftermath

A series of storms ripped through Dallas, Texas, overnight on October 20, including a tornado that caused structural damage, power outages and destruction to many areas of the city, according to reports.

Resident and medical professional Miguel Rosas was on his way home from work the day after the storms hit and was able to capture a video showcasing some of the damage done to Meaders Lane, a residential street in the area.

The video shows several fallen and broken trees covering the front yards of many homes and even portions of the sidewalk in some sections of the block. “I have never seen so many bare and fallen trees before, it truly was an urban wasteland,” Rosas told Storyful.

The National Weather Service said the damage found in the North Dallas area was consistent with an EF-3 tornado with estimated winds up to 140 mph, although no fatalities were reported according to city officials. Credit: Miguel Rosas via Storyful