'F**king Run' - NYPD Cop Shouts in Man's Face as Looting Erupts in the Bronx

A New York native shared footage online showing him being screamed at by a local police officer, who told him to “f**king run” as he walked along Fordham Road in the Bronx on June 1.

The NYPD were on scene at Fordham Road as protesters continued to take to the streets in solidarity with George Floyd, a black unarmed man who was killed by a white police officer during an arrest.

But local media reported that protests turned to violence as fires were lit throughout the neighborhood and looting took place, with multiple stores broken into.

Speaking of the incident involving the shouting police officer, Justin Morales told Storyful: “As I was heading down the Fordham Road strip heading towards Webster Ave, an incident broke out with several officers. As I rushed to the other side of the street, officers immediately wanted onlookers to move away.”

“Being pushed away from the scene, I complied with their directions of walking away. I walk in the direction they ask.” He continued, “I walk. I comply. Yet, I’m met with force and loud yelling in my face.” Credit: Justin D Morales via Storyful