Exterminate the Waste: Man Dons Dalek Outfit To Takes Out the Trash During Lockdown

A Western Australian Doctor Who fan was well-protected from any viral dangers as he put out his organics and garden waste bin on April 3, thanks to a Dalek costume.

Taking part in a trend of social media users posting footage of themselves dressed up while putting the trash on the kerb for collection, Rashida Murphy’s husband, Mike, took the opportunity to use a Dalek costume he built himself and named Doomus.

Daleks are a race of machine-clad aliens from the UK science fiction series Doctor Who, who famously utter the word “exterminate.” Following in that tradition, Doomus can be heard saying “coronavirus, coronavirus, exterminate, isolate.”

“Doomus the Dalek has been to Comic-Con in Perth and has been quietly biding his time in anticipation of world domination. It appears his time has come,” Murphy told Storyful.

People in multiple locations across Australia posted videos of themselves and their family members putting garbage and recycling bins on the kerb for collection dressed up in outlandish costumes amid the nation’s coronavirus lockdown, which mandated that people only leave the house for exercise, medical needs, work and essential shopping. Credit: Rashida Murphy via Storyful