Englishman Rides Jet Ski on Village Green After Heavy Rain in South Yorkshire

A Northern Englishman made the most of severe flooding after heavy rainfall in South Yorkshire on November 8.

Ross Halley recorded this footage and told Storyful the man seen zipping around the newly formed pond in the village of Thurcroft was polite enough to ask if anyone would mind if he took his Jet Ski for a ride.

“There was a post put on a local Facebook group by a lad called Danny Light, asking anyone if they minded him riding his Jet Ski on the puddle that had formed on the green on the housing estate,” Halley said.

Halley added that it seemed like everyone initially thought it was a joke.

“Until we found that Danny was actually serious,” he said. “Within half an hour he was riding the Jet Ski around the massive puddle.”

Local news outlets reported severe flooding in Yorkshire, which disrupted travel, and residents in high-risk flooding areas were advised to evacuate.

In Derbyshire, about 40 miles south of Thurcroft, a woman was reported to have been swept away and killed in that region’s flooding. Credit: Ross Halley via Storyful