UK Police Craft Makeshift Support to Hoist Man From Disused Quarry

Police in southeast England shared dramatic video of a rescue at a quarry in the town of Northfleet on March 21. Police said the resourceful officers linked their belts together to hoist a man to safety who was in danger of falling 50 feet.

In a Facebook post, the Kent Police shared details of the incident, which occurred in a disused quarry. Police said they were informed of the man in the precarious situation around 6 pm on March 21, and sent constables from the North Kent Local Policing Team to help.

Four officers found the man hanging onto the edge of a 50-foot cliff and immediately jumped into action. This body camera video shows the four officers shouting encouraging words to the man. Three officers stood atop the cliff while the fourth waited below.

“You can do this,” an officer shouts. “We can help.”

“Hold on, mate. You’ve got this,” another says.

The video shows that once the belts were linked, one officer at the cliff’s top leaned over the edge, calling out to the man to grab hold of the linked belts.

“The improvised hoist was enough to hold on to the man, but was not sufficient to pull him to safety,” the police statement said. “At this point, one of the attending officers ran to a nearby address and was able to obtain a piece of rope from a resident, which was then used to pull the man to safety.”

In the video, after the man is lifted to safety, an officer says, “Well done. You’re safe, mate.”

District Commander for North Kent Neil Loudon said, “The outstanding work of these officers doubtlessly saved the life of a vulnerable man who was in serious danger.” Police said the man was handed into the care of medical professionals. Credit: Kent Police via Storyful