Early-Morning Lines Form for Disneyland's 'Rise of the Resistance' Ride Opening

Eager Star Wars fans started lining up at 2 am at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, ahead of the 8 am opening of the park’s Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride on Friday, January 17.

This footage was shot at 4.25 am, according to the uploader. The long-awaited ride is the main attraction at the resort’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land, which first opened in May of last year.

The attraction pits the Resistance against the villainous First Order — and is “unlike anything” else at Disneyland, according to the resort’s website. The LA Times reported that the ride combines vehicles that run without metal tracks, holograms, animatronics, a drop-tower effect to simulate a ride in space, high-definition projection screens, and pyrotechnics. The ride also “employs dour-faced staff to play the part of evil First Order minions,” media reported.

The theme park rolled out a virtual queuing system ahead of the ride’s opening that requires guests to download the Disneyland app.

The app requires guests to be inside the park to join a Boarding Group, but Disneyland warned patrons that joining a Boarding Group doesn’t guarantee a spot on the ride and is subject to capacity. Credit: artsvdo via Storyful