Dutch Police Show Appreciation for Health Care Workers Across the Netherlands

Dutch police rallied across the Netherlands on Thursday, April 2, to show their appreciation for health care workers fighting COVID-19 and offer their support to residents stuck inside.

Police from the Dutch city of Maastricht wrote on Facebook, “This afternoon, approximately 65 representatives of the police, fire brigade, ambulance service and the municipality brought ‘unne groete salut’ to their colleagues in the healthcare sector … our thoughts also go to the nurses in the clinics, home care, nursing homes and other medical institutions who have to deal with the current situation.”

In Purmerend, police wished children happy birthday.

“Something different in this difficult time. We wish all children who have their birthday in this period, despite everything, a very nice birthday,” wrote the police on Facebook.

As of April 2, the Netherlands reported 14,697 confirmed cases and 1,339 deaths due to the disease. Credit: Netherlands police (various) via Storyful