Dozens Arrested at Climate Protests in Washington, DC

Dozens of Extinction Rebellion protesters were arrested during marches through Washington on September 23, an event intended to disrupt life in the city.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by Richard Morrison, a senior editor at Competitive Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based public policy nonprofit, a crowd can be seen marching down K Street holding a yellow banner with the slogan “Tell the Truth.” The group chanted “fossil fuels have got to go.”

Thirty-two protesters were arrested, according to local media.

The hashtag #ShutDownDC was shared by the Extinction Rebellion Washington DC account on September 23 with a caption stating that the organization wants “climate justice now.”

A number of intersections in Washington were closed to traffic by police on September 23 because of Extinction Rebellion protester activity, according to local reports. A sailboat, which was used to block traffic and had activists chained to it, was removed by police.

The group announced plans to shut down five intersections. Credit: Richard Morrison via Storyful