Give a Dog a Board: Labrador Goes Waterskiing in Morgan, South Australia

Dexter, a chocolate Labrador, joined his owners during a waterskiing outing in Morgan, South Australia.

His owner, Kimberley Dunn, shot footage of the dog being pulled along by a boat during a family day out in early 2019. In the footage, the dog is joined in the water by Dunn’s father.

Dunn told Storyful, “Like most Labradors, our chocolate Labrador Dexter loves the water. So he doesn’t miss out on all the fun behind the boat, Dexter has his very own board. He is ‘self-taught,’ and barks if he doesn’t get to have a turn first.”

Dunn has previously shared on the waters around Morgan. Credit: Kimberley Dunn via Storyful