Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Evacuee Tours Quarantine Lodgings on California Air Force Base

An American traveler who was among those evacuated from a cruise ship which had multiple diagnosed coronavirus cases shared a video of his lodgings after landing at Travis Air Force Base in California, where he was placed in quarantine with others.

Two charter flights with US citizens landed at Joint Base San Antonio in Texas and at Travis Air Force Base on February 17. Fourteen of the passengers who were flown to the US tested positive for the coronavirus, according to reports.

US officials had earlier announced that 44 people from the Diamond Princess ship had tested positive for coronavirus and were to remain to Japan for treatment.

Mark Jorgensen documented his journey on Facebook from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Yokohama, boarding the bus to the airport, and eventually flying home on a US military plane.

Jorgensen’s wife Jerri remained in Japan and was receiving treatment in a hospital after she was diagnosed with the coronavirus, according to reports.

In his video, Jorgensen showed off the suite he was placed in under quarantine. He can be heard in the footage praising those at the air force base for their kindness and hospitality. Credit: Mark Jorgensen via Storyful