Cyclists Ride Penny-Farthings on Tour of Victoria, Australia

A group of 10 cyclists from across Australia are riding penny-farthings across regional western Victoria.

The tour plans to cover around 1000km of western Victoria over nine days in October 2019, passing through regional towns including Castlemaine, Wallan, Warrnambool and Queenscliff.

“The penny-farthing was the original hoon’s machine, they were ridden by noblemen and heirs of grand estates looking for speed and excitement, they were the Ferrari of their day,” organiser Dan Bolwell said.

In this video, taken on October 16, a cordon of the cyclists ride in single-file on part of their route.

The group posted to Facebook that the ride was arranged purely for fun.

“The word has gotten out and the media is chasing us for little stories. We just keep telling them that all we want to do is ride our bikes because it’s fun, simple as that, nothing interesting, just a group of wonderful people having a great time,” the post said. Credit: Dan Bolwell via Storyful