Crowds Flock to Climate Strike in New York City as Greta Thunberg Leads March

Hundreds of protestors flocked to the climate strike protest in New York City on September 20 where activist Greta Thunberg was scheduled lead a march demanding action on climate change.

In a video uploaded by Garima Jain, crowds can be seen streaming through the streets of New York as they make their way to Foley Square, where the protest was set to begin at 12 pm.

The crowds can be heard chanting for “climate justice” as they hold placards and walk together through the streets. The uploader captioned the video: “It officially starts in an hour. But people cannot wait for #ClimateStrike in NYC.”

The climate strike drew crowds around the world on September 20. Greta Thunberg, the 16-year old climate activist, was scheduled to speak at the New York City event. Credit: Garima Jain via Storyful