COVID-19 Patient Whose Lung Damage Was Modeled in VR Video Dies in Washington

A COVID-19 patient whose lung damage was imaged in yellow by doctors in Washington, DC, has died from complications of the virus, according to local reports.

This video, originally shared by the George Washington University Hospital in late March, illustrates the extent of damage to the patient’s lungs using “360 degree virtual reality technology.” Areas of both lungs that were impacted appear in yellow and greenish hues.

The patient, identified as a man in his 50s, checked into the hospital on March 18. According to Dr. Keith Mortman, Chief of Thoracic Surgery at the facility, the symptoms of the intubated patient quickly progressed and “it got to the point he needed maximal support from the ventilator.”

Local affiliate ABC7 reported on April 1 that the man ultimately died from complications of the virus. Credit: George Washington University Hospital via Storyful